Once upon a time…

Published January 25, 2016 by tangle2312

What better day to choose to start my blog than a plain old ordinary day, because if I can’t blog about the small stuff then maybe I’m stuffed!

For many years I have wanted to blog, but there never seemed a right time, a true queen of procrastination! Finding myself at a crossroads in my life, a transition from walking away from a neglectful and abusive  marriage into the unknown. A new starting point for the children and I and as we sit currently homeless, but with amazing supportive friends our journey starts here….

I want to talk about our ordinary days, with my ordinary children, in a very ordinary town. What makes them so ordinary is their simple humaness that they are me, they are you, just tiny specks on this ever filling planet, but what they do for me is light up my heart and life everyday, so my heart soars with wholeness, through the the toughest of times, the mundane and the plain old ordinary.

Angel boy came out of school on Friday so we are officially home educating again, so nice to be home again, on the path that sits comfortably with my heart, where the children get to explore their own passions, like and dislikes Angel boy has just introduced me to Batmetal a very inappropriate Batman animation! We are giggling away like a pair of naughty kids, but the animation is great and he is learning, he is inspired and spends hours making videos of his own, being a camera man, actor, producer, director, animator, editor and yesterday he published his own website at 10 years old. http://lennyfinbow.wix.com/ghost-gaming473

Sunday was the first day in a while we had nothing special to do, it’s on these days I often find to be the most connective with the children, after a lazy PJ morning we decided to poodle down to the park, Angel with his scooter and Squirrel with her balance bike. It’s such a novelty being in  a town being able to walk to the park after 15 years of being in the middle of no-where, though the most stunning views and sense of peace in the fields on a Summers day, it had been somewhat isolating once our family brokedown. The sun was shining and I was noticing all the new baby green peeping through, daffodils making their appearance, it feels good. I can see it in the children to Angel is taking control as big brother and looking out for Squirrel and her safety, helping her on the bike and waiting for her. I wonder to my self are there many big brothers who do this naturally, I hope so. We have the park almost to ourselves, just one other father and daughter, I’m not sure if I’m happy we get the place to ourselves or sad to see so little families making the most of the space and weather. We have a good hour of playing firemen and me watching those two on the seesaw,
I innately know how lucky I am to be a Mum.

Back at our friends I start preparing a roast, nothing like a lazy, easy Sunday with a homely roast to top it off, we may have n home of our own but I am hugely grateful for what we do have.

Just one last thing, last week Squirrel was very poorly a week of diarrhea and vomiting, I was amazed at her resilience to bounce back. Throughout the week I spent an enormous amount of time sat on a toddler toilet stool making funny faces to cheer her up while she had a very poorly bottom, well it caught on and since I have been ordered to sit and make faces while she has her daily poo, in which she has got so exited to have ‘normal’ poo’s there is a new song ‘ The poo is back, the poo is back’ These are those moments I never want to forget.










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