Taking it slow…

Published February 13, 2016 by tangle2312

The idea of the blog is to record our journey, the whole ride, so many days have gone by our home education journey seems to be falling quite firmly into  the autonomous/unschooling side of things, not by choice but the flow of our situation currently dictates to us! And that is okay! We have tended to be fans of project based learning in the past, I love how he can choose a project and we can connect all subjects into the project. I felt as though we were achieving something more solid, more substantial. I’m pretty sure it was to satisfy my needs, knowing we were achieving in a more structured way, after all there was a pile of paper to prove it! I believe school does that, structures the mind, one of the harder things to let go of, control over learning, for me at least.

Our first week didn’t go too smoothly with Angel boy taking a huge fall down the stairs prior to his first climbing lesson, a very winded, pasty and injured boy coupled with little Squirrel beyond desperate to stay in the soft play when we need to be at the hospital, navigating this one is my challenge! Off I go chasing Squirrel through the soft play, she’s fast, I’ve lost my boundaries, losing count of which ’One more go’ we are on, Angel boy is looking paler and more pained by the second, with screaming girl under one arm, off we march, Squirrel is poked and tickled to get her into the car seat, and she blessed us with the finest round of screaming and kicking, impressively the whole 35 mile journey to the hospital. One thing we are learning here Angel boy is tolerance and patience, I bless you for your strength dealing with your chair being kicked for miles after you’ve damaged your back, the time should’ve been yours, your attention and your care.

So a couple of days or closer to a week of resting up and taking it easy, not bad for a week one of full time home-edding!


In the mean time we have fallen slightly in love with a new friend, Perhap’s she has come into our lives for a reason the timing is impeccable, or some would say the completely wrong time to be taking on a dog! Gilda the Saluki cross Labrador has been fostered by our friend, I have been scrolling  lurcher/whippet pages for some time, just their sweet, sweet unassuming natures, crossed with intelligent high speed racer. Gilda, beautiful girl,  she follows us everywhere, I see her bring out a joy in Angel boy I haven’t seen for a while, and she helps to melt my heart a little more each day. So we will be learning about keeping a dog, dog training and communication, yes a new one for us, I only hope we can do her justice. I heard a little story that often dogs come into your life at crises points, I love the thought anyway, maybe  she chose us!


So along with some dedicated teach himself drumming, I am suitably impressed at his energy and dedication, I have seen it in  my eldest, you hit the ‘Zone’ that place where you’ve hit the spot, like breaking the stamina barrier with exercise, or suddenly ‘getting it’ when learning a new skill, then your away there’s no stopping you, watching this happen in an unforced environment is such a thrill, not only for me as Mum, but by the joy on his face knowing what he’s just achieved all by himself. ‘Great stuff’ as my Dad would say! I still struggle to totally let go with autonomous education, but it is always wondrous to see it in action.

Then there was The Manga art club, Japanese anime, now there was a group of totally absorbed children if I ever saw it. I love that I am there to see these learning moments, you really do miss out when your children are in school. We have been truly lucky. Pictures to follow

So all in all amidst the chaos of being homeless and getting divorced, there are some substantial slices of  light life to hold on too and a whole lot to let go of, we are turning a corner….


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