Corner turning…

Published March 1, 2016 by tangle2312

It’s funny how the universe provides just when you weren’t looking, as the sayings goes ‘Love comes along when your least expecting it.’   The last many months have been fraught with trying to run away, after hopes of ending the relationship and winding everything down together, as you ‘assume’ (a word I learn so much about everyday and still find myself assuming!) this would be the healthiest thing to do for the children and yourselves, but this was not the way your longstanding husband and best friend was going to approach it, nope I should have known I couldn’t control the way things ended and in his true style he would run, duck and cover! He has now painted a pretty new mask for however long that lasts, not my story though…

Hurdles are often put in front of you  for good reason, I was trying to leave Cornwall, but it wasn’t happening! You have to jump through a million hoops when you have nothing,  I’m thanking my lucky stars now. After applying for houses and then getting turned down, I found myself losing faith then I noticed a house pop up for rent, I called, we were first to view, somebody was on our side for sure, the house has our name written all over it, as requested wood burners, a front room perfect  for dancing and yoga, and a garden just big enough for evening fires, and growing our own food. I am glowing with love…the most beautiful thing about it, is it’s in a place I spend my childhood, were I had my best friends, we had camps, I have so many stories to tell the children, I can’t wait to take them across the fields and show them where all our secret dens were!

I feel so loved and supported, so glad we found it hard to leave, I have an amazing support network of wonderful friends, the back drop of Cornwall is always so healing, yes it’s full of poverty, but where there is hardship there is always a sense of strong community, people pull together and in Cornwall you never fail to see a smiling face welcoming you where ever you go.

I am so full of gratitude, and to top it off we will be here at home to welcome  Old Soul when he returns from his travels…



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