So what the hell is Conscious awareness?

Published April 24, 2016 by tangle2312


I choose to live with conscious awareness, awareness of how I treat the Earth and all those who inhabit her. I choose to live with honesty and integrity. I choose to live in tune to myself and have a true understanding of others. I’d say it is the way in which we choose to behave and interact with all living things, in short healthy self-management.

We hear the words conscious awareness being banded around like it’s some secret club only the enlightened can be part of, I have repeatedly read many an article about this wonderful state of being, so ever the seeker in my quest for truth and enlightenment I decided to write post of what being conscious means to me.



I know my own journey ebbs and flows, I  look back and see the journey unfolding, how I lay stagnant for periods while manifesting new pastures, after two years of searching, living and learning the latest lesson came with a mighty wallop! ‘Have that one in your face, and learn from it this time will you!’ I’m laughing now because this time I see so clearly the path I’m walking, it’s just mine to keep expanding with love and care. The grieving process had to be allowed to take over, but I welcomed her with all she was and yup like a wild women ‘howled’ the pain through every fragment of my being, to come out the other side with a firm clarity and clearness of who I am even if I have no idea where I’m headed, it really doesn’t matter.


Coming to consciousness is a personal journey to each and every individual soul. In a few words for me it has been about doing the work, the healing of past hurts and mistakes, making conscious choices, having reflection and but mostly treating the world with the love and  care, realising we are ONE, one whole living breathing being.

To me being conscious is about learning to understand the inner workings of the self, my own self, to have spent time looking deeply inward and have and recognition of why I made choices to behave in certain ways. For many years my behaviour was spontaneous, how I felt that moment, awareness came far too late. I hope I stop, breathe and think, before I act.

Understanding my own families patterning has been hugely insightful and helped on the journey to permanent change in my human interactions. Taking the time to heal and forgive what had served as painful experience.  Understanding every experience is a gift to learn from no matter how dark it’s presentation. Once I got this bit, I knew my path had changed, I do live with a sense of peace, but it’s all too easily broken, it’s there but it’s a life time’s work, natural habits are hard so to break, it’s easy to fall back into ease and laziness, not to have to think, but the more I practice living with awareness the more whole I feel in my being.

I am one of chaotic mind, life can be busy but weary, and giving myself the time to practice mindful arts brings me back to the present moment and creates a sense of peace.  People are familiar with the current trends using yoga, mindfulness, meditation yet there are so many opportunities in everyday life for active meditation in arts and crafts, reading, gardening, walking, knitting, sewing and chosen exercise (I would like to miss out blood sports here!), even washing up can be a quick 10 min active meditation. Start small. I love a good 20-30 min guided meditation, when I can’t force my mind to just shut the F up! I hope this active meditation will be the spring board to deeper meditations. Guided meditations are fantastic for the busy mind, there are so many available on you tube


I want to spend more time studying emotional intelligence, practicing daily the art of acting rather than reacting. To stop and listen in moments of awkwardness and uncomfortableness, putting a finger on the root of the feeling and choosing to make conscious choice. To practice gentle interaction, not just with our children but with all our living counterparts, animal or plant, though with this there is the flipside which means being healthy with my boundaries and practising every time a lesson comes up to have the balls and guts to speak my truth with a clarity knowing I am putting my health first. I do get angry, in fact furious at times, but it is becoming less and less, it’s also a tool when used  with care. I now have the ability to check in with myself, work with it and move on. Hopefully modelling to the small people in my life healthy management of myself.




This is a great article so simple, real and to the point.


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