Angel Boy

The First home birth, a wonderful pregnancy, I had such connection, a trust in my body, I did very little ‘antenatal’ I  just knew, it felt tribal this time my body was singing to itself, open wide, in  full preparation for the ride! One of my overriding memories during labour was ‘I’m only going to do this once’ that sparkle of memory every second labouring Mum feels, with the recognition of what’s coming…’Oh shit, I remember now!’ With belief in my body and one almighty push, this is where I could’ve prepped more, out he shot, umbilical cord wrapped around my leg, and scooped up by his Dad.

A little wrinkly, fresh, alienesque, tiny boy. Wow! A definite feeling of your new here hello…

One happy, content, amicable little guy, we became firm friends, my trusty side kick, bringing an exicted, curious energy into the house hold, I  hear his giggles and shrieking to this day. My lesson in all of this, never forget how sensitive your angel child is, just because their easy, look for their fragility because they won’t let you know, search for it and support it, otherwise it’s to easy to forget it exists, and that has been the part of his story I would rewind and edit if only I could.

Life has dented our angel, I couldn’t protect him, no matter how hard I tried, his armour is pretty secure, his bravado masks his vulnerability. Inside that man is an utterly beautiful soul and I see him peeking, but he is quick to hide.

I vow to do my utmost to hold his space,  to take what he has to give, to allow for growth, to listen very carefully, to let him sparkle.

Conversationalist, creator, artist, joker, actor, lover, light worker, bringer of purity…you just need to see through the so called ‘inappropriateness’ of a 10 year old, there are many who don’t see and many more who truly do…

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