Old Soul

Old Soul is my oldest, at 18 he has been with me the whole of my adult life. Birthed when I was 19, I knew then that he knew, as a babe in arms I was holding onto to one of the wisest guys to enter my story, I got lucky, got the jackpot the day he chose me to be his Mum.

My first birth, to be honest I’m sure he led the way, I did no real preparation, and in his true style he arrived on the date he was due, always a master of perfection, his labour followed the book by all accounts, first a show, a slow warm up with contractions, arrival in hospital and an hour or so later you came, slow, steady, without intervention,  and there you were ready to show me how to do life…thank you my man x

I cannot think about old soul without getting a lump in my damn throat, this year my fledgling flew, he walks this Earth with a sense of knowing and bravery I never had, before he went I could sense his nerves, at 18 going off for a year is a big thing, we have never spent more than a week apart, until this year, I miss him so deeply and hope more than any thing as a Mum, a newly fledged single Mum I can do him proud with his siblings, get them through this time maybe a little torn, but ever supported, so when their time comes they are ready, strong and brave too.

So a little about old soul, a deep authentic man, serious, loyal, funny, passionate, philosopher, grafter, artist, sportsman, brother, son, boyfriend. Now a traveller getting some life under his belt, he has spent the last year as a Wwoof volunteer, working on organic farms for food and accommodation, learning skills with natural building methods, permaculture ideals, organic growing methods.

All the while he is learning, I hope he knows innately he has been one of my biggest teachers and gifts to date, my love for him is absolute.




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