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She is GIRL

Published May 5, 2016 by tangle2312


I am mother of 3, the boys came first, I have always been fierce in that they were allowed to just be, to run naked and wild, to wear nail polish and curling rollers in their hair, to dress up like super heroes or just play with dolls, I didn’t want to gender to ever be an issue, I wanted them to be left to just explore and play, to be kids.

Angel seemed to spend much of his life naked, as soon as he could the clothes would be stripped, flung from one side of the room to the other, in all weathers there he was naked in welly boots, perfect!

Old soul had his moments but always pretty much kept himself to himself, as he grew up he naturally covered himself I don’t ever remember having to tell him to cover up or to stop fiddling, I think he spent more time adding layers than removing them, always dressed for battle, in his chain mail and capes!

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