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So what the hell is Conscious awareness?

Published April 24, 2016 by tangle2312


I choose to live with conscious awareness, awareness of how I treat the Earth and all those who inhabit her. I choose to live with honesty and integrity. I choose to live in tune to myself and have a true understanding of others. I’d say it is the way in which we choose to behave and interact with all living things, in short healthy self-management.

We hear the words conscious awareness being banded around like it’s some secret club only the enlightened can be part of, I have repeatedly read many an article about this wonderful state of being, so ever the seeker in my quest for truth and enlightenment I decided to write post of what being conscious means to me.



I know my own journey ebbs and flows, I  look back and see the journey unfolding, how I lay stagnant for periods while manifesting new pastures, after two years of searching, living and learning the latest lesson came with a mighty wallop! ‘Have that one in your face, and learn from it this time will you!’ I’m laughing now because this time I see so clearly the path I’m walking, it’s just mine to keep expanding with love and care. The grieving process had to be allowed to take over, but I welcomed her with all she was and yup like a wild women ‘howled’ the pain through every fragment of my being, to come out the other side with a firm clarity and clearness of who I am even if I have no idea where I’m headed, it really doesn’t matter. Read the rest of this entry →


Angel boy hits 11…

Published March 8, 2016 by tangle2312

I can’t let today go by without a little mention of Angel boy, his birthday 11 years old, this last year it feels like he has skipped years, his childish innocence stripped from life’s turbulence, though what I do have on my hands is a young man in the throws of seeking independence, carving out an identity for his self, I love standing by and watching this bit.

As any parent does I have my concerns about too much computer use but I also like to take what I can from the flipside, he has a new found love of Japanese anime and manga from the manga art club he goes to, the joy of watching him walk around with a large orange pot in his pocket for sharpening’s, a sketch book and pencil’s, at the same time he has made friends through mine craft who all have a love for anime too, it’s seems they have found a common ground besides mine craft, they are sharing music ‘nightcore’ that is used in the animation’s, he has friends from Norway, London and Holland. This has created a new found interest in learning a new language, Japanese is up there along with Norwegian! Then there is the question as to why there are only two to three  languages you can learn in school, I’d say the choice is French and Spanish as apart from English they are the most widely spoken languages on the planet, but Japanese why the heck not! We’ll be running with that one!

It’s so easy to forget he is 11, the way he has always been able to hold a fully- fledged conversation with anyone, any adult without the need for prompting or too much question asking, I remember being in an art shop with him a few years ago, and the owner commented on how amazing it was to have a 6 year old natter away to you with such confidence with no distinguishing that he was an ‘elder’, I’ve always loved that about Angel boy, though he has been talking since he was one!

Part of this blog is to record our learning journey, so can I can’t go without mentioning the scuba diving sessions, a fellow home educating parent has been arranging all sorts of sessions, the children are so lucky to have the opportunity to access these learning opportunities. We have signed up for 6 scuba diving sessions, this week he got to use the snorkels and flippers, I think next week maybe tanks, brilliant stuff!

I’ve also signed myself up for a night of 10 preteen’s for an ‘it’s not my birthday party’ and  I’ m  not scared!


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