Little Squirrel

Aaah Little Squirrel! Oh how I waited so long for you to enter my life, My hardest pregnancy you have shocked me from day one, the nausea, the kidney pain, the back pain and general illness was a huge surprise after sailing through the last two pregnancies,  I was the woman who loved being pregnant, who failed to understand why other’s had such a problem with such a beautiful process, you let me know for sure, I wasn’t having this one easy!

Your were so kind to wait until the bed was moved into the bedroom after many months of expanding the space and living in makeshift beds while we prepared for your arrival, the first night in the bed and my water’s broke, or seeped. I was starting to see you were in no hurry, I was given 24 hours to get going, or you were to be induced. After stopping and starting for many hours, I had an almost pain free labour, by the time the midwives arrived I was surprisingly 9 cm’s dilated Wow! For some reason I wasn’t getting the urge to bear down, after an hour or so I asked the midwife to have a nosey, she said what are you waiting for you ready! I guess you weren’t ready, and you have taken life a little cautiously since your arrival here on Earth.

Again I thought I knew all there was to know, somebody’s having a good old giggle at me, you can never know it all!

Little Squirrel I carried you for 9 months, then I carried you for two years, for you would not be put down, no one else would suffice, so it was ‘me and you kid’ but I listened to you, you asked for security, you asked me to show you glimpses of the world, but not too much, you needed to be hidden at times, so we did, let you do it in your own time you said. So we did and here you are flowering and your own time and pace and you are the most stunning, sensitive, funny, odd, little wonderful woman I know. Just watching the way you nurture your many babies and bears, I know I don’t need to worry about you.

I am sorry life intervened so early, I know maybe I am part of the reason you can’t cope with loud voices, but you will be fine my girl, I will do all I can to ensure you can be happy being you. A mighty girl in the making.

And I adore the way you hold your body when you really need to wee, a tribal woman, ready to birth, oh it’s there from the very start…the woman in you.

Quirky, quiet, sensitive, strong, funny, persevering, Mama, fighter of rights.

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